Can anybody tell me, where the road is?

“Can anybody tell me where the road is”

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There are legions of ways to find a meaning in life. This does not mean that perhaps prosperity, health, an intact family, the success of the next generation are the aims for a sense of life. Although not to deny is, that these objectives certainly have permission in our lives. If it is postulated here, that they are not the targets, that does certainly not mean, they are not worthy. It is more that these goals in the „real goal“, which we might not be possible to be seen, already are implemented in all completeness. So it is not to the purpose of creation, but the creation itself. Countless intelligent spirits, an immense number of religions have tried to explain. In fact, signpost en masse can be found in our lives, as in the writings of various religions. The founders of the great religions, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, have certainly seen the truth and were trying to pass it. Yet their efforts weren’t understood by people, – the dualism of the system soon distorted the meaning of the knowledge passed on in his spirit. It is clearly appearing, facing the system, that the Eastern religions at least has understanding options open, while the archaic Christianity for centuries was totally blind and deluded. Even in the writings about Jesus clear traces of the former wisdom are to find. But they are perverted and bent in shape (!). The view, which is written with an in-sight into the truth of the words, is the step in the sense of the words, inside of life itself.

There are many words in the languages that are very special. This is because what they mean. They are simply extraordinaire. These words have no negative energy. Words are interpreted by nature, are malleable, ductile, always have to be seen in context. Not these words! when they are internalized in their original ground. They are basically positive. However they are twisted and turned. But it is of paramount importance, to see them the proper way from the very beginning. This is not difficult.

These words may indeed be the way to a new consciousness, a completely new way of seeing things. If everyone would understand these words in their true, deep, original meaning out of the source, all the world’s problems would be solved. If every human beeing would live with these words, live these words, we would have the peace of the Creator of the earth. And it would be so easy.

To get started, a basic thing. The meaning of these words is different in the world of the ego, in the world of our normal brainthinking. You’ll reduce these words with your World Knowledge beyond recognition, you’re going to cut, fragment. But instead look at them, without judging, without allocating a defined meaning. The ego has made it his mission to prove these words with completely false attributes that only create confusion. However, it is not able to withstand these concepts in their reality. Because they are totaly positive, they are filled with a light which, if we learn their actual depth, are able to dissolve the ego. It shows the nothingness that it was, because the real depth of the words flushes any illusion of the ego away. For example, what is understood with the ego love, is ultimately limited to the body. For the the spirit, the mind, the ego is only mixing pieces, fragments of the past. This egokind of love is by no means complete, like the ego wants to make believe. On the contrary. Because it is composed of the past, it does not exist in the present. The love that comes from the creation must be eternal. So it may have nothing to do with perishable things. With any form. This love is the creation, which we are part of, as we ourselves are love. In love there is no sin, no guilt, no fear. There is no past. This love is so complete that the smallness of ego, determining our life, our view of things by brutal, insane violence, with the thoughts and images of atrocities, injustice, in material compound, is exposed as what it is. Insanity, projection, blindness to the fullest extent. But if the size of the love, the depth of the meaning of the term is actually aware (just as it is with any other of the words) the flashing of the light beam is seen. And whoever has seen even a microscopic part of the truth, has emerged a door to powerful light that can never be closed. He is going to, according to his very own will, his willingness to understand the message, let the brightness shine through his body. And he will not be alone. For his light shines wide.

These words are sacred. They come directly from the creation. It is not possible to prove a negative meaning. Even if they are added to the world of forms, in an unconscious point of view, they are key to discerning view. The ego is going to fail. One more good news, which soon seems obvious, is the thing, that if you understand one of these words in its true meaning, if you internalize it, all other word-meaings arise by themself. These words are a brilliant path, a path that leads to your very yourself. You can not explain these words, but develop them to that, which is above all thought patterns. They are solid foundation, they penetrate all the fantasies of the ego, which mediates only the negative dualism, because it is not able to do anything else. In this context, however, lets quote a Buddhist-master, who said: „On the path to knowledge, even the most well-intentioned advice, any reference to the ultimate reality, can only ever be an indication, as if the finger points to the moon.


Love is in the minds of people, here it does not matter what language. Love as word is probably more than any Linguistics. It is one of the misleading things ever. The word as such has been abused, dragged through the mud, raped. That still happens. Every day in the most terrible way. For the love, the people are talking about is selfish, is relevant. The meaning of the word has been completely lost in the consume, in Seximus, in morality, in disinformation, so to speak, in the mud of the social system.

I love you! Does that mean that I’ll buy you a box of Mon Cherie? Or fuck you ? Marry you? I love it! Will I buy it? Maybe steal it? Do I love it? Or do i just like it? Interested perhaps only currently?

Love is this tingling in my stomach. And here it gets interesting. Because what we are experiencing with a “beloved” partner, tops all normality and rules of time, this tingling is we, deep down in ourselves – because our source is talking to us – which is namely the love. These are the resonances, this tingling in my stomach, which reflects the original ground. And if we now speak of love, not the kind of love is meant, which is sold in sex shops or in a brothel, not the love that you feel as a fan for his club, not meant the physical union of two people, it is not meant the caring behavior towards dogs or cats.

Not to confound, – here it will be very dangerous for many people -, the love of which we speak here, is not one of the talk of the Christian priests, monks or nuns. This history is dangerous because these people pervert the love of God, the true love, the comprehensive, all-inclusive love, in terms of their in Christian, Muslim, Jewish, other dualistic values. Here Love will always go the purpose. Thus it loses largely valid.

The love that we mean, is not this love for a God who is defined, which only can be loved under certain circumstances, under certain conditions, at certain locations, with certain permits and, and, and … A God who judges, who and what is to love and and who or what is not. The love of which we speak, is a love that not only permeates everything, but that is our first cause. The final, only absolute point of creation, the source – is love. So is the creation embracing love like ourselves. Only ethics, moralism, laws and structures, education – so what our thinking is – all these fictions prevent us to recognize this. So when we think about love, it is not meant this defined, predetermined, dualistic love for anything – but the love for creation, for ourselves, for absolutely EVERYTHING.

Love means necessarily joy. These two words naturally belong together like all the words, of which we speak here. Joy is love, love is joy. Love is such a powerful word, that it is no matter how you interpret it. If one does something out of love – from a pure heart, pure love – one understands – I do not mean the love of money, to a new land on the lake, – here is talk of “lowbrow” love, so it’s good. The pure physical love is love – it is communication, is exchange, is sensitive experience, is coming closer – is positive. Every little bit of love that is lived, changes the world for the better. If we are clear in our minds that every human being, just like us, is also a part of creation, only modified in his behavior by society, education, moralism, religions – by so many influences, virtually blind and only using the system prescribed rules to survive, – we realize that everyone really, whether human, or animal or Gandhi or Hitler – is ADORABLE.

Love is the strongest word at all, because its ultimately describing what our purpose in life is, what we ourselves are, on which the nature, the creation, the universe is based. Would people exploit only a little of the love potential there, (it is infinite) – what a heavenly life it would be on earth. But the bitter reality is that no trace of love can be found in this world, in this system of thoughts.

The love, better the word love, is, as already mentioned, abused in various ways. By government, industry, religions, dictators, politicians, also by ordinary people. We, who live in these structures are overloaded with signals, that there is mostly no possibility to see what really is meant by love. The love, which we are discussing, is ourselves, it is in each of us, as a primordial ground for our existence. And that’s not meant superficial, as we do not discuss the physical love that leads to life. Love is the source of all existence, of the universe. It is not only the beginning, but it is the creation itself. Creation is love. Anything arising out of love, cant be bad. Thats why we are all full of love, we are all, the life is, the universe, is wunderfull. Full of love, imbued with it, even. Love is. We, actually all people which are forced living the Conformism of Education and Science – because they are simply living in these structures – are, unfortunately, almost never able to to learn to understand this love, to feel it. We are caught in a tremendously complex. system, which is built on fundamental axioms. By changing these axioms. (Which are pure fiction – give me a fulcrum, etc. …) all the system has ever postulated, loses its meaning. The true love wich we are speaking about, has nothing to do with the premises and principles, the written and unwritten laws of this system. It is not available through thinking of one or the another side, but in a place that has nothing to do with this definition. It breaks every dualism, is present over, under, in, behind, through things. Everything happens for unconditional love. It is therefore not necessary that one feels negative to anything. People know that it happens from unconditional love for oneself, to life, to the Creator, for one, that one is you. So it is simply impossible that there is anything negative there. The Negativsmen only arises from what we live by rules, what one has taught us with consumption, education, school, training, advertising, misinformation. Truly, all this is not real. When we talk about love, we talk about the big picture. Fears, that prevent love, always arise from wrong or incomplete information.

The information we receive, can even be nothing more than inadequate. Its already due to its shape – packed in language – misleading and unreliable. But we have built our lives on it. If we behave inconform today, we expect disadvantages. This makes us afraid. So we face this vast building of lies in which we live, we guess it. And walk into it every morning after we got up. If we recognize, however, that this building is just fiction and true love in creation can not withstand, we are already on the right track. Of course it is not simply possible to say goodbye to this structure, the (unconscious) lies. The love, if you want to fathom and to live the true meaning, opens up piecemeal. One thing leads to another. True love, the love that I try to describe, arises by itself. Every little bit that we give, will give us back the same, as much, even much more. Love is happiness.a

A universal key word that simply means everything. The creation is out of love, everything that happens, happens for love. We are here very close within all the other words following in this text, in this context. They all ultimately mean the same: LOVE.

For what is this incredible love of the Creator to each of his creatures, including the joy, the peace: In this love we put our trust, here we are grateful for the fullness of life that surrounds us. It is nice to feel this pulsing of creation, we are aware what a reverent awe seize is ours. Along with the realization that the Creator is love, everything happens only out of love, there are creativity, inspiration, scooping from a source that is about the realities that are but bungled together illusions of the ego. Love is the key to the universe, the creation of the Creator, which is one with everything. It is the word of the immense power of its true meaning simply everything arises. That’s why illusions, opinions, our thinking, which regards any things, situations, circumstances that might make us suffer, are unimportant, because everything passes out of the Creator’s love for his children, who are one with him, so things that hurt, are only illusion. There is nothing negative, because everything happens for love. The love that is meant, is going over all the forms that are ephemeral, beyond. Death is only the confirmation of the impermanence of forms. But never would the Creator in His love permit dying, suffering in the form in which we perceive it, in our divisive thinking. God is eternal, so are we. So there can be no death. Only one form dissolves, goes to the eternal source which is outside all the illusions that form and its spirit walk into love. In the light of the love of the Creator. That’s no reason to mourn, quite the opposite. If one sees the truth, this really is a reason for joy. For what can be more glorious than embracing the love of God, the Creator, very strongly manifested in Mother Earth. So this love is also a consolation, when we come close to the transience of form. We are certain the deceased returns home to this creation, which is love. This is cause for celebration. Love is what makes the world. Love means unconditional wholeness. It combines all the contradictions that covers their futility, their nonexistence. Love is completely „whole“.

The world consists of love, it is filled with it. Our only fault is that we can’t recognize this, which we naturally carry within us, because we are part of creation and the creation is love, blinded by our thinking, that the illusion is real. Our thinking, which cant recognize that the reality is pure love, has blindfolded itself. It grabs, depending on the situation, any things from memory, the past, thus setting together an ego, which looks at the the world and the life only under premises of these memories and the “logical conclusions”. All these impressions, due to the dualistic view of things, the division into good and evil etc. ultimately only are pure fantasy, do not penetrate the unconscious mind. So a world that is apparently without love arises. But the reality is different. Behind all this negative projections there is the creation.

Very simple: Because the creation is love itself, which fills everything, its creation only can be love. So everything that happens – the will of creation – is done out of pure love. Even if we absolutely cannot recognize it out of our finite minds, our limited knowledge. But this realization of universal love is completely inevitable. This can be a tremendous comfort to us. An essential characteristic of this love is, that it is by no means one-sided.
His extended characteristic is, the way in which we live that love, like it is passed, it returns. The outstanding love of creation is clear, based on the individual, which is not an individual, but part of creation, of love par excellence, thus is immortal. The love of creation to their children is eternal and unlimited. In this perfect love – there is no guilt, no sorrow, no past and therefore no fear. This love of creation is to be found only in the reality of “Now”.

This, the “I” represented in a blind society, defines itself through forms, the ego, can not exist in absolute “Now”.
The reason is, that it is created by our thoughts. This Ego is made up of fragments of the past, memories, experiences, lessons in the world of forms. These reference points, pure illusion from the past, are used to interpret the future. The present is bridged. She’s (the present) just the waiting room for fantasies of the past that will affect the future, this generates fear. The presence, if it is recognized as such, is the absolute, fearless, not affected by the the past “Now” – love.
Because love is free of any fear. Quite simply because it takes place unaffected in the „Now“, as everything that is creation. Fear always comes with the experience of the past, which is projected into the future. Understanding real love, the love of creation to its creatures, is only open if one can separate from the idea that any entity that is a creation of the Creator, could bear some blame, some guilt. (How could this be? Then creation is guilty itself?) Only if you realize this, you are capable to understand the almost unimaginable and unexplainable, the universality, overarching love, moving everything. Thus the ego has nothing to do with. It will fight with determination. For the fears, that prescient glimpses into the future, are the form with which it is defined. The ego, which arises of the world of forms, can not or only very rarely see the background, which has no dimension, which goes beyond the hierarchies. Sometimes the light of Creation lits vaguely through the fog, the ego generated. Perhaps the view of a sunrise in the mountains, perhaps when one is present at the birth of a living being. This pulsing of life, of unconditional love, is necessary to visualize, extended, beeing carried on.
Guilt is an illusion. In „Now“ we are blameless. The laws that find us guilty, never existed. They are so mad as that from which they originated. In the eternal Now they have no meaning. Creation is bigger than any blemish, it takes her creatures only for what they really are. Their beloved children. The debt, which is manifested by the illusions of the past, does not belong to what their kids are really, so the debt does not have any significance. Everything that is, is unconditional love. Because the creation is pure love, everything that happens is out of it, even in the world of forms that is based on the creation, is pure love. If we, in the world of forms, see another motive about whats happening, except the true love of God, we are still trapped in the world of forms, we have not yet completely separated from the separation, we are still without surrender to the now, drawing our ego out of the past, we create suffering and anxiety, guilt.

If we do not understand, for whatever reason are happening the perhaps cruelest things, – we have to accept it, so we can do nothing, to end them. In the certainty that it just is as it is, the will of creation. And we must be clear that the will of creation is always and eternally absolute love, even if we can not bring the things that happen in unisonwith this. Creation is infallible in its all-embracing love.

Love is wealth. It is, because it is the creation itself, infinitely large, it expands. Who is able to recognize it, sees that it collects everything. It permeates the strongest walls because the walls do not exist for it. We do talk of the love of creation to what is created as part of creation. What could the creations of creation do but to realize that they are loved by mother-father creation itself, as part of it? That this love is now, in this the moment here, that they do not need to search, because it is part of every child of creation. It applies only to finally realize. But the ego, watching his memories of the past, which are projected into the future to cover the present (the present is just the place to wait for the future), does not know true love, because that has nothing to do with it. The ego would no longer exist in the light of this powerful, all-embracing love, it would simply lose its meaning, better, gain a new: even none at all. In the light of love we all are completely innocent. For the creation has created us out of itself. Love is the complete innocence. Since the creation is love, we as its children can not be anything else. But this is not recognized, because people are blinded by the greed for power, miserliness and other vices of society. They have separated themselves from the creation, are believing they would be able to achieve any goals, in their so heavily circumscribed world. They separate themselves from the universe of love, because they are impressed by smallness. They cling to forms, are disappointed when it turns out that these are extremely perishable. Mostly they then move to the next form-image without keeping even pause for a moment. However, there are also moments where it is obvious and clear how inconsequential norms are, that past and future are only illusions, imagination of our ego.

This knowledge is to find in the absolute Now, the moment. Only the ego creates an idea, a thought, that involves death, the guilt, the fear of death, fear of hell. The creation lives eternal life. The creation has only to do with the past and future as much as that it makes these terms completely unnecessary. They do not exist for the creation. Because it is in now. In completely pure, innocent, loving now. Love excludes all negativity. Can the love be a sin? The opposite is the case. In the love that is meant, which has nothing to do with what we think might be seen in an encounter of bodies, in this love that is all-encompassing and all meaning, this world of madness that created our ego, it plays only the role which it deserves- as being an illusion – it never existed. In love all dualisms pass, it is “one“. It dissolves the opposites, the separation of the creation, in their overwhelming light. It is in us. It is the real source of our existence, of our being. Not what we, with our limited senses our fooled thinking do mean. The love does not convert the illusions. It shows only that they may never have existed. This happens through the knowledge of love. Who only felt it, who only had a sense, will learn on going considering its timelessness, formless omnipotence, its ubiquity, its endless expansion that knows neither time nor space. In this kind of real view presence and non-presence are completely simultaneously, because it is really all, containing non-presence and presence, all opposites. There is only one truth. That’s love. We are surrounded by it, penetrated. Only there are too many people that can not see. Looking for love in vain – in the form. And if they think, that they have found it, it is suddenly taken from them by the transience of all forms. The true love is unassailable. Eternal love is beyond all form. All standards.


The pure joy of existence, when I realize, that everything is love. That there was never a subjunctive mood, never will be! THAT DOES NOT WORK! Everything is in now. The joy of God’s creations. The joy that I may exist, the joy that I may feel protected forever, that the world as it is painted and lived by the people, can no longer harm. That I may recognize the truth, that I physically feel this feeling, as a source of well-being, inner peace. The joy, that all futility has dissolved, the joy of a little child snuggling against the mother’s breast, soft and warm, in absolute, certain security. The joy of the deep inner satisfaction, the revelation of the truth of forms, that joy over the certainty that there is no death. Joy at the realization of what through all religions, has got absolute validity, to recognize joy of that knowledge, is with us in us. Before our eyes. Without any mystery. Near to reach. This joy is the love, the peace, very closely linked, they are one. This applies to the other holy words. They are by themselves key, but are united in depth – where there is the source – love. What ever can measure to the joy of life that shines in each individual plant, in every living being? An irrepressible, not to cross force, flourishing life in however oppressive situations, standing above all, because it is the awareness itself, which so is rooted in the very Now that it knows no fear.

Joy is sinless, like any of the treated holy words. The joy, that joy that is the creator, creation-love will give, is allembracing. Guilt or sin, fear, despair or depression have no place in their presence. Joy is really present, guilt and sin, pure illusion, have never existed in it, the Joy, which is the reality. They are recognized as such. In this joy, with this joy, which is an unusual lucidity towards nature with which we amazed, we are looking at the creation. We recognize the love, which we are part of, put our faith in this love, experience fully aware. From this perspective, out of this truth that we can not perceive with our senses, our thinking, which enlightens us, are arising awareness, creativity, inspiration, awareness, compassion, and deep gratitude towards that any notion exceeding creation. This joy of life is sacred. Just as each of us is. True joy, one with all other positive, can not be explained, captured by means of unconscious communication. If you feel this joy, you realize that it is above all subconscious experience, all illusions of the ego. It trancendences it by its presence into the Nothing that they have always been. This joy has nothing to do with past or future, it exists because it is a symbol of creation. And the creation is no and all time, so it is now. In the now there is no past, so no sin, and no future, so no worry.


What else but peace can love mean, love, which created all of us, everything? What else but love is peace? The universal peace, the peace that comes from a non-duality of things, comes out of the awarness of the people that dualistic thinking only reaches discord, is inseparable from life, from creation. As each word includes the other words, it is peace of course also for all the other words mentioned here. Peace is joy, is conscious experience of creation, that linger in the now, the confidence that creation is all-powerful and really all happens out of love of the Creator to his sons, his daughters. The creativity, the inspiration that is found when the peace with itself is found, the inner peace. The certainty that nothing happens, which is not out of love.

The peace, that has actual validity, has nothing to do with what the system, the thinking of unconscious madmen including, does understand The peace of creation is absolute. Nothing in this world of dualities which makes discord possible, endures in front of the peace, the love, the joy, the confidence that the creation can offer, which is in each of us as we are children of creation.

Peace, means innocence, to see, free from guilt, what is the truth behind the veils of blindness, the fears that the ego conjures up with the past. The boundless love of creation as their own image, the eternal truth that is not fooling around with things wich are negative projections of the past, who knows, that a picture of the future only is an imaginary image that will never be reality. An image of the ego, which always feeds of the past, because it can not bear the light of now, the splendor of love to what we are, what created us. And with this blinding brightness turns to dust. Here, at this moment, is true peace. Without the past no fears, no enemies. Silence, instead. For the perfect Now is the Creation itself, which knows no room, because it is the room itself. There is peace. The peace that is secure in each of us.


Mindfulness is the way into the consciousness. Only when I internalize this word in its entirety, do affirm, I’m on the right track. Mindfulness, that is to be at the moment, in the “now”. That means, the one who focuses all his attention on the moment, is neither affected by the future nor of the past. Now is now is life. Nothing else. With respect to mindfulness, with attention to the moment, it is possible, to fade away from all fears, memories and mental images, they are recognized as illusions. With this mindfulness you light a candle, the light of consciousness. Who consciously and mindfully is moving in now, does not know fear, because the purity of consciousness does not know all the formal adhesions, this dualistic view of past and future, of good and evil, and many other fundamental factors. They all have to do with form and duality, with separation, – the Mindfull will no longer see those fears, because they do not exist. They are nothing. Illusion. Mindfulness is reduction to the essentials. No denial of reality. The reality that we live, is smoke and mirrors, nothing but a gigantic misunderstanding. It is necessary to consider the wonders of the world with attentive vigilance. Anyone who looks in mindful ways at the calyx of a flower, who is thinking her/hisself into in the plant, recognizes all the fine structures, with appropriate care will see the great, fantastic context of the world and the creation, which creates the universes and galaxies to a great, an indivisible whole, “There is nothing but love.”. The real mindfulness leads us into the “now” and only here is the reality.

In Now, that we realize through absolute mindfulness, there is no past and future. Thus inevitably means that in now, no fear exists, becauseit is generated from all that, the ego has gathered together of the past to derive an “I” in the world of forms, the crazy world that people have created in their thinking. But in NOW this world falls apart. Since there is no such past. Everything is reduced to the moment. That’s presence. From this presence of the moment, out of this real Now, it is possible to find relaxed decisions in the world of forms with a very distant and large overview, completely neutral and unaffected, not affected by any fears from the past, not fixed on the future. Mindfulness in now also refers to any activity that one pursues. Perhaps we know the image of the Zen student, which is told by his teacher to clean the yard. Here the idea of ​​the “principle” of mindfulness is very clear. It’s not about the activities of sweeping. Some one who mindful, in the now, in the sense of the Creator, so in accordance, accomplishes his task, will not respect the future. Here we encounter the two words creativity and inspiration, which we will talk about later. The future is always the now. Which means, it does not exist, just as the past. That is the claim of love and joy. They can not agree with the claims of sin or guilt that are lifelike projections of the ego out of the past. Mindfulness, the perfect, uninfluenced attention, gives us the experience of now, so that all the guilt, sin and fear, death, have never existed. They are recognized for what they are, namely bogeys. They dissolve into nothing, reluctantly perhaps, but steadily. Because the light of creation is sufficient with that little hole that you grant him in your Egoreality. Through this gap, the light will shine ever brighter in you, inevitable. And the ego will dissolve in odorless haze. In mindfulness ego is condemned to silence. Helpless it must watch beeing undressed to its nonexistence. Truly, you can use each of the words that are demonstrated here, like a sword against unconsciousness and chaos, death, the ego has forced upon you mentally. If you are approaching what the true meaning of this composite character is, you will feel the ego fight back. Do not underestimate it! It will expend all his power to keep you in the past. But if you decide to live in the now, the perfect Now, instead of the past, all the things, that you have put together with the madness of your life, will pass. All that is necessary, is mindfulness. Perfect Mindfulness in now. The more you ‘re in now, the easier it drops in your mind – yes that’s the way – wipe out the past. One Giant Leap, that will certainly push against the brick of your understanding of the world. With all his strength, it will fight without you able to do anything about it. But if only you understand, if you only have the idea, that there is more than the ego serving, namely death and suffering and guilt and grief, fear, if you only vaguely feel the willingness to open you a “More”, with the awareness of love, joy, gratitude, peace, – then you’ve already opened the little window – everything else will happen without your intervention. The gateway to the love, that you opened will be never closed. And mindfulness of love will draw you into his confidence.


This notion of consciousness is associated with each of the words that come up for discussion here. The conscious attention, the existence itsself. Awareness which is, to feel in yourself that everything belongs together.

One way to a conscious perception of being, is meditation. If the false and disturbing currents which the ego itself concludes from past memories, are no longer interesting because void, if the thinking is focused on”now”, then awareness will germinate. If the gate is opened once it will never be closed again, more – always new goals will be visible, a path which ultimately leads to understanding.

It is not difficult at all to produce a state of consciousness. It is sufficient if we focus entirely on our body or only a part of our body. Known methods such as autogenic training, muscle relaxation after Jacobson, are excellent exercises to board. Over time, another conceptualization of the world is evident. Sometime the result of the creative power in you recognizes that the solution can not be in what is human thought. If it did, we would live in a paradise. What human, unconscious thinking actually creates, we do realize if we look at the earth and its people. What happens there, has certainly nothing to do with love, with the creation as it is in reality. There are war, hunger, torture, greed, obsession with power.

Consciousness, that is, letting fall oneself in the hands of creation, as it is, to leave it as it is itself,. This means to admit the absolute now, where there is neither past nor future. Which is so immediate that it will not do for fear or any suffering. When you reach this now, you can see the absurdity of any consideration, recognize that they are composed of fragments of experience or suffering in the past. Life is a mosaic – you’re able to see the whole thing. Therefore, these fragments of the past (gone!) are irrelevant in the now. In now thought is silent. The thing to look at, is seen without judgment, without added positivisms or Negativismen. There is no duality, which would mean opinion. But it is precisely this lack of opinion which is representing and realizing the opinion.

Consciousness ultimately means to recognize the creation in sister and brother. To realize that they are innocent, because all the blame is only illusion. How can a child of creation be imperfect, how may it be guilty? Awareness is the recognition that the world as I see it through the lens of my ego, is nothing more than a very, very hollow projection. I am packed with all the prejudices I once have collected, so badly that I often seem to collapse under this load, which allegedly imposes my life. If I could only recognize that all this suffering is not wanted by the creation. How can the absolute love want suffering? The suffering is caused by the wrong, the thinking contemplation of premises which have been created out of pure insanity. Awareness is the existence in the knowledge, that all is one. Consciousness implies the absolute love. It is a gentle fusion of all things – towards a meaning, a purpose and a sense.


The word gratitude not simply involves the gratitude towards another person, company, institution. Like all the words that are addressed, it rather includes any gratitude in the world. And is considerably more. Because it is not only the gratitude to the fact that you may live gifted with intelligence, as a human being, but also thankfullness towards the immensely beautiful surroundings, this unique, inexhaustible habitat nature, in which we are allowed to live this life.

It’s a thank you for that we can and may detect how wonderful God’s creation, the Creator, or whatever you want to call it, plays together. Never going to fail. Exists like a giant jigsaw puzzle, with ever smaller facets, which yet fits together on a matter of “divine” nature. Always. See – because you have this certainty that everything always makes sense, even if it may seem nonsensical or negative at the moment, this gratitude is useful and it reminds us every time about how beautiful life, nature, the things forms, the human achievements are. We are grateful for the fascination of life that we can experience every day. In addition, as mentioned in the beginning, every little gratitude that we experience in everyday life, is potentiated by such self-understanding about gratitude towards the life and creation. Joins seamlessly into the parent gratitude. Although no order or hierarchy is important, because this gratitude is all-encompassing, non dualistic, thus never appropriate for any hierarchy, it includes this. It is all-encompassing. So we see a huge piece of this gratitude, if we do anybody any good. At the end, we factly internalize this gratitude, we ourselves are the good, our doings in the world will cause gratitude, in any direction, we feel embarrassed, they themselves are. It is true to say thank you for the endless possibilities that nature, the creation offers us. In every little thing.

We are grateful for the small successes, the progress that we make in the projects that come from the heart. We are grateful for simple things, like the fact that we have a roof over our heads, that we have a soft bed, enough to eat and drink, work, money. That we are doing better as Europeans than people in any other continent of the globe. If we do carry this gratitude through the day, if it is integrated into our lives, then we are on the way. Only this word can already work wonders.

Yet, note, it is by no means the gratitude that results out of the pairing ingratitude-gratitude. The gratitude that is meant here, is above such pettiness. It is all-encompassing. So also the ingratitude belongs to it. This gratitude is pervasive. One is grateful for the smallest things, one can capture with body, sensitive ways, whether the tiny, but beautifully landscaped spores of a flower – or an encounter with a bum or just an average man in the subway. To this end, for the fact that we are able to experience this, to interpret, that we are capable to learn of them, is worth as much gratitude, as we can muster. Out of this lived gratitude that indeed affects all other things in life, in turn, arises gratitude, are arising things and events for which we can be thankful again. Gratitude is potentiated. The truly interesting thing is, if we live fully this all-pervading gratitude, we will never have more material problems. Out of the absolute gratitude we will get everything we need. Because gratitude includes and therefore negativates, for example, greed. And greed is the key to failure. Gratitude also requires attention for life. Because if we would not be attentive, mindful going through life, we could not recognize the infinitely many causes to be grateful. Our lives will also change fundamentally in terms of such a word as friendliness. Whoever is grateful will thereby be friendly. People treated kindly, thank it – with gratitude. Where is space for depression, if there are so many things, forms, events, people, animals for which to be thankful for? Is there still any chance for the fears that are based on depression, in view of this diversity of gratitude? Do they not sink into insignificance in the face of the grandeur of universal gratitude that we can perceive?

The gratitude which is referred here, is the gratitude for the grandeur of creation. It is gratitude for the trust that you may have, no matter what happens in this, our human thinking far more than exceling, infinite, absolute creation-system. It is the gratitude to be a part of this creation, eternal living part of this creation, thus a living part of the Creator – Because the Creator is the creation itself. So we are almost grateful for ourselves in this infinite unity, so we are grateful for everything. Because we are part. We are grateful for the love that is given to us, of the creation, the nature, of people.

Of course, it seems totally nonsensical, in the terms of this society, to be grateful for, example, a serious loss. The indication that one obtains here an opportunity to do things differently or better, the fact that this loss makes sense, is to sound scornful when you say it to an interested party. But even here, the gratitude is due to the confidence that everything does its absolute sense. If this has happened, no matter it still has a meaning, which remains hidden from us. If one is with the heart in the matter and it is in the sense of the Creator, something useful will emerge from this Illousion. We can see therefore that with the realization of the concept to collect gratitude in our lives, we arise from the duality of things. Gratitude, spoken in the allegories, the understandings of the social system, is not just above any terminology, but also in it, to it, through it. Pervading truth. Pervading gratitude. All pervading love. Which is certainly preparing a plethora of fears for a person who has not yet gathered in this gratitude. Because he thinks, with this kind of gratitude that has nothing to do with conventions, mechanisms, moralism and laws or rules, he will lose control. But it is quite simple: if one has done everything, for example, a project, if you did what the situation allowed, if you therefore stand behind it, there is no reason to be afraid, in any manner, because everything allways makes sense. We only feel gratitude for that, what we have developed, is. No matter. Because the gratitude, of which we speak, is far above the filthy things of everyday life. Is far beyond material concerns, even is – because we, as part of creation – are immortal, – above the death.

If you once begin to internalize, for how many things you can be grateful, things that you have always taken for granted, that you have not even noticed, the life that has been done, will take very different, unexplainable dimensions. With this look, this mindfulness, this awareness, this attention to things, people, events, situations, we get closer to the source of all things. The love. Gratitude is a part of love, love concludes it, as it actually includes everything.

The gratitude arises out of love, they are one, as creation and love are one. The feeling of gratitude is all-encompassing, enormous, exactly like the real love is. Gratitude for the moment.

The gratitude to the life, that you can oppose the ego, may have its roots through, in the confusions of the ego. Because, even if we have internalized so, it is just not entirely the ego, which determines our perception. These are those moments of lucidity in which we ally ourselves with the moment. In which we clearly feel the presence of something which for the ego occurs monstrous. This holy thing is broken down into fragments by the ego. That’s what it does. It breaks life into fragments, which, full of nonsense, are judging.

The moments of “now” are including every single word, reported here. This holy words are filled with a gratitude towards creation which makes everything that seemed to be the ego, completely insignificant. To expand this gratitude, this love, this trust, the awareness, is the goal of creation. If we agree, this involved in our lives, we are on the way to that, as what we were created. Then we are to see that we are one with creation, that we are not separated from it. We recognize that we have overcome the separation in us right from the beginning of time. Because time has no meaning for the creation. However, the ego uses the time to make impermanent the things it tells. The ego is death. Could we only just realize that these are the shackles with which it binds us. The grateful look at eternity, the omnipotence of love, which, because it is creation, is for ever and above all, makes this version of the ego appear ridiculous. And quite amazingly, the feeling of happiness, which is declaration and redemption, if one realizes that there is something above, below, beside, the conventional structures of thought, something infinitely great, in that we can embark confidently.

Same size as the love that surrounds us is also gratitude. The gratitude that comes from our true self, which has nothing to do with thinking, and the gratitude of creation that we get back. It turns, with all other positives, love, compassion, joy, peace, creativity, inspiration, the infinite trust, the everlasting, reverential awe, of mindfulness and awareness, the knowledge in the “now” – to reality. Totally fearless, blameless, sinless. Only like this it existed for all and no time.


Confidence in the Suchness. They say that the moment of understanding this reality that has nothing to do with any word, because it requires no words, is like the jump from one (actually nonexistent) secure underground in a black, looming abyss. But once you have done this step, you find yourself on a golden pedestal, again. The golden pedestal, which is based in reliance upon the creation. This confidence is surrender, acceptance of such-being. It is the incontrovertible knowledge that my true existence is filled with infinite love. This over and above everything conceivable love can have nothing to do with anything imaginary. So there is no place for the death, of suffering, pain, guilt, revenge, sin, attack. Love excludes this. These illusions cannot be visible for love, which is the truth, – because they have never existed. This pure, infallible, love above all sublime is what we put our trust in, in which we open ourself, which we ask to meet us – to be visible. For inside us it has always been, but we, merely deluded by the ego, can feel it only rudimentary. But if we trustingly place ourselves in the hands of creation, looking for the delicate breath of unconditional love at her breast, if we give all blame, everything negative, each of imaginary sins, all of our aggressions, attacks, our complete, invented life in its hands, in the certainty of sense, not only to be enveloped in eternal love of creation, but rather to be love itself, in its eternal expansion, – then our call will succeed. Everything that is needed is trust. A trust that, as everything is positive creation, is returned 1,000 times. Why not to invest in this trust that is salvation? Instead, people rely on the delusions of the ego, whose aim is in reality a belief in the illusion of death, sin, so the impotence of God.

They are convinced that they, guided by ideas from the nonexistent past, could affect the love of Creation. They paint a picture of creation, of the all-embracing love that may be affected by guilt, suffering, distress, death. Since it can not give these inventions in love, they become entangled more and more in their hopelessness. But here is the door, a wide open portal, always in front of them. But it is not possible, to really see it, as long as you desperately are trying to explain, to define out of guilt and sin, death and impermanence. Love, whose unequivocal part we are, is one and eternal, immortal, all-encompassing. The dirty feathers of negativity her powerfull storm blows away into nothingness. It is this confidence, the ability to put all ones guilt, the fears, the sadness, the worry in the hands of creation. To offer oneself. And get oneself back in love. This is a feeling of happiness that comes from the deepest part of our being, in response to what is creation. This indulge, to nestle in the warm breast of creation, has got each expansion we are willing to give. Ultimately, this confidence is a knowledge that comes from a source that the ego tries to hide with each list and any madness. Because of this irrefutable knowledge, will this, what seems to be “I”, the “I”, which is defined on the transience, which is declared out of death, of decay and sadness, guilt and sin, be classified for completely insane. The consequence is the experience of overwhelming love. The aim therefore is to look at the death, to see his face, to tear the veil, to see what is there in reality: The joy, the confidence, that all universes poignant love, compassion par excellence, the peace as what it really is. Above each dualistic perspective. Because death can not exist if there is the creation.

If we realize just quite simply, that we are part of a creation, which is love, it is also very clear that death is merely a fearsome phrase, which frightens us only because we have been indoctrinated to believe it. Out of it the ego draws its logic. Here there is the fundamental flaw in the creation, in this case it can prove that the creation is incomplete, because nothing can stop the death, the ego paints, which we consider reality. However, if we recognize the deception, let disappear these waxen veil that we never wanted to take a closer look, behind it we find the eternal universe, the glory of created things, pure and clear, innocent. This redemption is in us. However, while we believe in the assassination of creation sense by the imaginations of our thinking (what nonsense: the over all sublime, full creation, never would allow something negative, like death, sin, retribution, corruption for their children, it would mean an end to the communication between the sky child in you and the sky.). So while we believe in death, we are not able, we are not ready and willing to see the love that is the reality. We are simply blind. The path now is very easy: It is to realize that a perfect Creator would never allow something as shameful as death. Just as little sin, guilt, anything that would affect its purity.

Awesome amazement

To be astonished, marvel in reverence and love. If we do realize that all is one thing, everything belongs together, we see the context even in the smallest part of creation, nature, of the shaping. If we realize the tiny features in the outstanding beauty, the genius of the function, we are describing ourselves. We recognize ourselves in this reverential awe. It is a marvel of love, an overwhelming, overwhelmed amazement that silences us, in front of the magnificence that we look at, but also because this glory could never be put into words. It is above all words, above every dualism, knows neither time nor space, because it represents all of this, it includes it. A NonPlusUltra without any condition. Pure creation, pure love. Pure trust. That is truly astonishing! This really makes you happy. This is us. You are that.

Every second we should be aware of this happy amazement. We find it in every flower, every stone, every form. Even an unconscious person will feel a little luster when he looks at the sky in a starry night in the Himalayas. When he experiences the miracle of birth. Also it will come a certain idea when he sees forms pass. But for the one who is caught in the apparent realities of ego, at once again other pictures are responsible, after this all too brief glimpse. Grief, worry, concern, materialism, fear and guilt will instantly wipe away this moment of eternity, will case him in their shrouds of transience and guilt. In truth, nothing can make this light in you void. Because it is the creation itself that there speaks out of you. Your true calling under the veiling cloths of your thinking. To find the true call, it is quite enough to internalize this reverential wonder. For in it all is recovered, which is necessary to capture the love of creation in its ineffability. Those who understand this marvel, which can not be comprehended by thinking, are opening the doors to the immortal eternity. Doors, behind which a soft light shines, doors, that will close no more. You are already at the destination, only the way you have not found yet! Take a view at your body, it is an image of the universe. And this universes exist in any form. This is the omnipotence of Creation that all works together to form a whole. It is important to recognize that separation, – you do live, you get exemplified of an insane system, which is in the process, to almost masochistic slowly kill itself, – has never been.

Never have you existed there, beside creation. But that exactly is what the ego promises. It screams at you, promises, you could solve all out of yourself, it tears up again with images from the past throws you in your terrible illusions of the transience of your self. Which in truth is creation, completely raised about mortality and immortality by its nature, comprising it. But if you recognize, with astonishment, with jubilation, with an immense happiness, that creation has never known nor recognized Negativismen, the ego is helpless, it returnss to what it always was: Meaningless, never existing. Smoke and mirrors that were only a mental image. Dream. This finding is the view of the awe-struck wonder. The amazement awe in front of creation, is realization, is universal love. By this you realize that giving is the same as receiving. This is the ONE.


When the word compassion is highlighted, the hazy, fragile thinking of those who still wallow in their guilt, make sin as its their life, let themselves to be enslaved by their laws, transmitting their despair over the failure to attain an unattainable because insane goal, directly to their actions and their crazy thinking. This transparency is reflected, for example, when we look at the word compassion closer. It’s just not the pity, regret the circumstances. For pity divides. Here I am, with what I think it makes me and there is the other, which is much less valuable. Pity is nothing but contempt. but compassion means to see the child of creation in the others, the brother, the sister, which is in this love, as you are yourself. So you will, you, which can recognize hisselve and the creation in his brothers and sisters, pass on what you get, what you have found again, what has always been in you – love. Pity means separation, compassion means to recognize the one, complete universe in the separately appearing Egoinventions and to connect accordingly, – the love will flow by itself. Compassion is to cancel separations. Any attack, any blaming our system built, addresses to other people, only attacks itself. Similarly, the negative Insistition which this ego-I calls into the forest of madness, sounds back. Death, guilt, sin, despair, fear. These are the building blocks of egos that turn any compassion into pity. But the compassion that we understand as the basic building block of love, as the creation, includes peace par excellence, in it, there can be no separation. Compassion is a message of light, the exemption from liability. What do you do to the least of my children, that you have done me. This news is, in contrast to the interpretation of Catholic fanatics, positive throughout.

The fact that perfect love only can see the love in the actions of men, since in creation, in love, there can be no sin or guilt, gives immense, not describable dimensions to compassion. For like this we are able to know that we are completely free of guilt in creation, because we are part of creation. Nothing we fancied to have wrought in sin can exist in front of the creation. How little faith to believe, that in the face of creation, in this all-embracing love, there could be something which would be able to attack these eternity, to defeat it or could only influence it. But that’s it, what people seek. They see themselves as autonomous individuals who are already at least an equal of creation, footing on their spirit, their superior intelligence, if they do not even imagine to have overtaken it. What a strange idea, that one could influence the eternal, all-embracing love in any manner. Here the madness is all too clear. The creation merely serves as an unpredictable factor of fear. However, compassion is devotion to the creation, is the transformation of our reverence in living love. This explodes the Egothinking. Yours and that of others.

At this time the arrogance with which the ego condemneds you to death, sin, sorrow, despair, a dam that you have accepted as an explanation, will void completely. No longer exists. A never-existing foundation turns to never has been. But in love, in compassion, you do not stand alone. The love of compassion that you call out, will return as an echo to you many times. And not only this, its that the love itself, the creation calls to you, over all the obstacles that you still throw in its way, with your system-dependent thinking. Hear it! Follow love, compassion, then you will overcome the terrible, dying consecrated images that they would like to sell to you, as if as the world were like it. Compassion means to raise yourself to not be separated from love.. Compassion is the recognition of the unit. The oneness. If you practice compassion, you will tear down the fence, you’ve built around your ego, that has never existed, around your little kingdom, a withered garden, a bone-dry desert. What would you prefer? Life in your own world, completely certain of guilt and despair, reigning in a kingdom which is perishable, full of despair and chaos, doomed to die? Or you clinging to the warm breast of creation, through compassion seeing the light, which always was in you? Feeling the infinite comfort and to pass it on? Recognizing the death as pure delusion? Compassion is the key. Without a doubt. Who actually lives compassion, so loves unconditionally, who is – a very great danger – the ego slumbers only – without increasing himself (completely unnecessary – you’re part of creation which has really no need to increase hisself somehow) – who therefore loves and gives, helps in compassion happily receives the ten thousandfold echo. Here the Unity of the 12 holy words becomes clear again. For each of these words is the principle of the other. To live Compassion, that is, to pass on the vibrations of creation as their soundbody. And every drumbeat is indescribable happiness that pulsates in you. But true compassion is only to practice, if you have passed all the blame from the only for the Ego existing past into the infinity of love. The one you, which, who has realized that the perfect love of creation makes you see the absolute nonsence of every sin, every debt. IT DOES NOT WORK. Either debt or creation. Love or sense-desperation. Death or eternal life. War or the full peace.

For the purpose of creation, these rates are irrelevant.

Guilt, sense of despair, death, is recognized as an error. Who does turn to it in truth, will be made seeing this error, this pettiness. He will be decreased from this burden. The enormous weight will disappear in the nothingness from which they came. All this accomplishes compassion.


As someone who knows his superposition, you will have the fullness of creation in any work which is now arising, clearly feel it. The universe of universes comes to your aid. Creativity, that is, to choose among the plethora of options without the slightest reservation. And you are entirely capable, out of absolute superposition of creation to which you have claimed responsibility. But no real effort is necessary. Creation is the fountain of knowledge, we are allowed to drink from this source as much as we want. we only need to recognize it. Who gets it is aware of the allinluding of things, is to see connections that for others seem quite amazingly and extraordinaire. And here is the reason, the causative wrong view of the ego, of which the system bound people think, its creative, if they are at all capable to recognize it. That is why it is in your creative power to show. To show the truth, named love, to make visible this only determining factor of life. The creativity that works here is not aimless Trying like the alleged creativity of the ego. It is the power of creation itself, which acts. For each of the children of creation is part of creation, and therefore part of the power of creation. We need to be clear that the love, so the creation, so their creativity, which is also yours, never will cause something negative. That’s impossible, because love is always absolutely positive. So there is no destruction. Neither of the animate even of the inanimate. Everything, really all, happens out of love. If we do not understand that, we plunge into an abyss of despair and sadness, or we embark in activities that distract our attention from this monstrous fact. Just as the ego would likes to hold upright its absolute dictatorship of futility. Anxiety, not matter the type, is negative and into it, real creativity is almost impossible.

A panacea, a universal specific feature of the ego, which misleads the people in their creativity, is the idea of ​​sin. It is the foundation of what our thinking communicates. This foundation is that we are were able to create our own so-called sin. Able to act contrary to the will of creation, which is completely and completed. That is to say, the ego trys to convince us, as we are part of creation, we would be more powerful than the space and timeless eternity, the creation itself.

So sin is revealed by the sinless, reshaped as ridiculous attempt to turn the love of Creation to a world of sin. And its succeeds, because the matter is so very simple, even almost every religious community succeeds with it. So we resigned ourselves, to deny love, to live in a world of sinners, to apply the wrong creativity in the wrong direction. Without batting an eyelash, we arrogate sin, arrogantly. The glory of Total contrast is reduced to a mere ideal. Holy, but unattainable. Yes, divine one, who sees humbly that he is a poor sinner, is awarded, people say, he has got gods knowledge. So the ego and its comrades control us, the world. But true creativity only arises in freedom. The creativity of the ego can only be mirage because the ego itself does not exist. Although it tries to convince us, it dissappears, with all his suffering, his fear, his grief, in front of the light of unconditional love – that knows no past. Here creativity is really true, is expanding the scope of the concept, its importance to infinity. So this force is not only the ability to handle projects, but the creativity of life itself. By looking behind, trough this masks, you’ll gonna be drawing out of reality, you will realize the relationship of the fragments which others only doubtful recognize as such and nothing more. Seeing like this brings you in a position to even present the totality of creativity, in all that you are and do. That creativity is quite infinite, you do know anyway.


Inspiration – a beautiful picture is that of a sun ray which supposes to be separated from the sun, supposes to shine alone. How lonely, how left feels this Sunbeam. Without any response to his questions, without being able to carry out his doubts to a solution. Lost in the cold space. Could he only guess that he is a child of the sun!

The inspiration, – perhaps one is tempting to confuse it with the creativity – is, can not be explained in words out of its original meaning. The inspiration is the power of creation, which makes the Conventional something particular in the spirit of the Allinventing. Inspiration is the moment in which the sacred is obviously, the nature appearing in their entirety. Correspondingly, according to system, just for a moment, because inspiration is only a brainstorm, by definition. But this Inspiration is not a spirit of ego. It is the truth behind the lie. It is the joy behind all suffering. It is the life that negates death. It is action in front of inaction. It is truth that shatters all arrogance. It takes us to the reality that we, blind, dazzled by the social system and its claims, could never see, never. The peculiarity of this brainstorm is, that its brightness never goes by, that it lits forever, more, its brightness increases steadily. This means inspiration, so this term is of immense importance. The inspiration opens the world to an entirely new, diametric significance against the nonsense of ego consciousness. It seems like a candle that has always been burning on the altar that is prepared in each of us, as part of the love of creation. It is the fire of grace and loveliness, their light, which easily makes vanish the darkness of Egolaws, which we had subjected us.

Inspiration. The Spirit, the true Spirit opens up. It can light up in all that you do in the sense of truthfulness. That means, to see the uniqueness in the enormous variety. It is this sacred moment which has been waiting eagerly for you. Which you have (on behalf of your ego), trampled, you’ve spat, you’ve cursed with contempt. Over which your arrogant, only imagined, alleged knowledge judges. Judges over HIM, who does make any judgment unnecessary, leads the arrogance of your ridicule to absurdity. But don’t you feel lowered. The knowledge to be conveyed to you, is full of exuberant affection. Not you’re exposed to ridicule, but this disastrous, intoxicated something, which results out of complete nonsense. The one with which you have signed a terrible contract over torment, suffering and lies, which are representing yourself, as you know. The inspiration is, that none of it, nothing of these nightmare scenarios has ever been true.
THAT DOES NOT WORK. The decision is final. There is only a whole.

Who chooses the definition of everlasting suffering until death, the end of each communication with creation, can not actually see which is the other side, the only side. Because here in his dreaming sight, there are the guilt and sin, the corruption of which he defines hisself. He will therefore not be able to discover. Inspiration’s redefinition. Change. Smooth change. A change that does not hurt. For how could love ever inflict pain to its children? The only one which does this, is the ego. But, as the ego is imagination, also the mental pain it would cause, it causes, is imagination. With the inspiration we rise from this grave, step into the light that we see clearly now, behind all the distorted masks that make the world of the unconscious. We dissolve the past, including its projected untruth about the future.

This transcendence, we experience, is, as the highest good, as enlightenment, the golden grail, salvaged in all religions of the world. Especially in the Zen Buddhism with its fully, rigorous fashion you get immensely close. This method, like plenty others can work, but is also just one of countless ways. Other efforts, asceticism, life as a priest, as a hermit, may or may not lead to decisive insight. Sometimes it happens that the „ascetic“ proudly wears his asceticism. Here is no ascetic, there is only an inflated ego. An image that can not even rot, because it has never existed.

The creation happens in the Now. Everything happens in the Now. Past and future are only selected photographs of atrocity, created to captivate you in the postulated, transience you adopted. The Now that you learn through the inspiration, that experience you learn through the inspiration, may, out of its original meaning, recognize nothing other than itself. This makes it clear that other states than the NOW have never existed. They are only dreams, fantasies, thoughts, images, distorted fragments puzzeled by madness, the chaos, with the sole aim to keep you in fear. And again: How can it ever be possible for the all-embracing love, to inflict pain, to frighten, to generate despair or death? Understand correctly! LOVE. Encompassing. Just the thought, that this love, the creation, would be capable to do something like this, makes laughing. This knowledge the inspiration gives us. It shows us, who we were blind, the miracle. The countless amount of miracles that unite in the creation of the universal wonder, which they are part in each of us. The view of truth, the inspiration imparts, is Space-shaking. In one holy instant a kingdom of heaven opens up, where where previously the bald, sad, death overridden wilderness was concealed as far as possible by evil-intentioned symbols of all kinds. Where walls of benefits, misinformation, inevitable misinterpretations, lies, envy, hatred, revenge, guilt, sin, greed and contempt have designed a prison into which we voluntarily cross, which we are desperately trying to make a little more cozy, the all understanding, all seeing, all-encompassing detecting of the inspiration explains these evil things for non-existent and sweeps away the putrid veils that were laid upon you by yourself, you who were blind personally to you, for the love of creation. That in turn is unique joy. What a rejoicing in what you realize for you. All debt is gone, sin can never have existed, the death has been transformed into the radiant beautyful flower of eternal life, of love. Death, which the inspiration of joy and love exposes as vacuous puff, is the biggest obstacle that we place between our miserable existence as subjects of the ego and the reality of the glory and grace of creation. We do not even really dare to look at this wrathful, merciless mask. But how moist sand, which, when it is dry, falls out of his figur, so the horror vanishes, the sun of love shines in the glow of all created universes in perfect wholeness. The grimace of death is illusion and has no meaning, it has never had. No one has ever died. In whats behind, over, through, this nonexistent grimace of illusion, is the completion. The completion of the beauty, of love, of peace. Its expansion into eternity.

Each of the words, we are talking about here, has only exactly the meaning that you give him. You can not understand, misunderstand entirely. This is solely up to you and your willingness to open up, to look behind the machinations that are preparing you all this pain.

The words, however, will not pass away, they are rooted in the creation in its meaning, perhaps not yet recognizable for you, they are rooted in you, in your origin. It is not possible to interpret them in a bad, poorly way. They are too powerful. Holy, if you only allow.

Everything makes sense. Do not be afraid! The ego is strong. It will torment you with more than doubts. But you put these doubts, these puzzles, you can not solve, just in front of creation. You just put it there – and they have never been. You are innocent and pure as a child of Total, the creation. Since there can be no sin, no hell, no repentance, no devil, no evil spirits. The curtain has not fallen, but the horror film has dissolved into its pixels. What you see now is an all universes comprehensive, all-fulfilling, alldimensional, superior „Be like it“, Sosein, love. This is waiting for you, if you use the key the inspiration offering again and again. This inspiration, which is already lit in every child of the Allemebracing, has, like all the other terms in the preceding text, the property to expand. This holy words extend in timelessness until they make visible the eternal moment, the timelessness of time, in your being through the inspiration. This is knowledge. This is cause for cheerfullness deep in you, no longer adhering to the things. That’s what makes the Buddha.


The foundation of knowledge is understanding. Any difficulties that arise with the knowledge, – which means a lack of knowledge, are arising out of non-understanding. Ignorance or lack of understanding, a lack of knowledge, leads to downright terrible misinterpretations. Nevertheless, here you can see a path that directly leads to creation. Knowledge is the common thread that ultimately leads to the point, which is intended for the enlightenment. The way to penetrate through the collection of world knowledge to source of life and of creation, is certainly lengthy. This enlightenment, it will always be found – , but this path is uncertain, does not always lead directly to the goal. But certainly also world knowledge that is built through understanding or learning, is adapted to generate further understanding and thus further knowledge. So if someone takes the long way through the world of knowledge to understand (it is actually only necessary to want it – to be ready) will be clearly also given, if he has reached the target, infinite love and boundless knowledge. Because if the understanding is completely, so also perfect knowledge will adjust. If the masks fall in the world with this understanding, knowledge is revealed. And it is the happiness of love, to be able to feast on him. The knowledge that overtakes us by communicating in complete innocence, free from sin and fear, tells us about joy, makes it possible for us to see things, to see the world, the universe in the perspective of the Allmighty. We are using this knowledge to be able easily to correct any misinformation.

As knowledge grows out of itself, so does love. Grows love, grows the knowledge, is growing knowledge, grows love. An unstoppable event, it ultimately always leads to the dissolution of the ego. But how many lives would be needed to understand the knowledge of the world? There would be no end. But the way that opens up on the interpretation of the 12 words, opens the door without delay. Understanding precedes the knowledge, yes, knowledge is actually a hindrance. A strange situation. On one side is the acquisition of knowledge is the key to understanding, on the other side the knowledge and explanations of the world are the greatest obstacle. This whimsical discrepancy but dissolves with understanding. Because the knowledge of the all-embracing love makes the thinking knowledge of this system world unnecessarily, simultaneously the Understanding has got unlimited access to this understanding. It is, by his understanding, bared in front of him, he can access it as he pleases. Because it is well to know this knowledge, which is necessary, to know how unimportant, illousianary it really is.

We need the knowledge to dissolve it. But resolution is not the right word. It is rather a transformation of world knowledge in the knowledge of the loving, tender allembracing of universes. In contrast to the knowledge in the world, the knowledge of creation can only bring positives. The knowledge of the world is the knowledge of the ego for now, which uses it to keep you in complete darkness. The logic of the world is not the one of creation. The logic of the world separates, mercilessly. The creation puts together – full of grace. Knowledge of the world sometimes is power in this world. So the complete opposite of serenity.

A profound reflection, has true knowledge means for our existence, is serenity. How can the form attack that formlessness, which created it? How could, that what is created out of love, itself is a part of love, go against love? That only an insane something would do. The ego.

The knowledge that comes from the one, that will be provided to us with the given inspiration, absorbes this knowledge of the world like a jungle would do with a speck of dust. We realize with astonishment how worthless and tremendously valuable at the same time the dualistic knowledge is. This separate, doublecleaved knowledge, unimportant in eternity, allows us, together with the endless wealth of knowledge of Eternety and Love, to present the relevant information among the brothers and sisters, so that they lead to further redemption. We are able to understand and be understood. Our language is the Esperanto of creation. Without doubt, the role of our world knowledge, our alleged know-how of the origin and history of the world, playing for our Beeing, has got a very eminent importance. But the premises in the world of thought are entirely loveless. They are the, by almost all people signed, contracts about transience, death, anxiety and suffering. But with the eyes of love it is – with fragments of this world knowledge, that can only be pure chaos – possible to brighten the true knowledge. To be a signpost. No more. For that, what is pointed out, is not to be understood with the knowledge of the world (because world-knowledge is pure confusion). But through the inevitable inspiration, this hindering knowledge is converted, it is henceforth no longer the denial of creation, but is proof of its purity, guilt and sinlessness, for its oneness – an all worldly ideas busting LOVE.

Knowledge, out of a thousand years darkness, awakens into radiant light. If we remember now that this word “knowledge” is always to be seen in conjunction with the other mentioned terms of this statement, its grandeur, its stunning, yet so silent glory will be aware even more clearly. True knowledge is silence. Because it does not require, in contrast to the ego, noise, to draw attention to itselve. So time in silence shurly is a way to transcend the world of knowledge. A wise monk recommends looking to the silence of creation between the two letters of the holy word “OM”, when they are pronounced. A truly wonderful idea. Perhaps here it gets more clear what transcendence of knowledge, its transformation, means. The conversion is complete. It is not possible to serve two masters. As long as you accept death as your Lord, while you’re convinced sin is possible – revenge necessary, attack – that suffering and anxiety – is inevitable, so long as you are convinced of this watercolor-images from your worldly knowledge are more powerful than the unit of the all-encompassing universe – you will remain in the knowledge of ignorance. Will you in ever new rounds, try the truth to fathom – up to the sacred moment, when the futility of your actions rises in you. For that, what you were looking for all the time at the oddest places, with the craziest methods, outdoor, has always been in you. You did not see the sacred forest because of the imaginary trees.

Either you stay further in the contract with transience and death, suffering and pain – or you put this contract just in front of the love and let decide the eternal knowledge for you. It will make the right choice! You are immortal, if you through love can resolve the scary mask of death. Because death does not exist. It is part of the nightmare overhanging from which the truth would so love to redeem you, if you’d only let it. The alleged corruption is one of the instruments with which the ego imprisons you. Decay, death, grief, loss, death, – these are words that we do not look at happy. Thats what our thinking wants, it wants to keep us in precisely this illusion.

The creation is the pure, actually ALL detected love. We were born out of this love. How should it be possible that some grief happens for a child of pure love, that is loved by his father with precisely this love, which carries precisely this love in itself, as part of the father? Decay, death, grief, loss, death? It is simply not possible. THAT DOES NOT WORK!

This is true knowledge. At the moment of understanding, in the sacred moment which ultimately expands into the timeless eternity, knowledge of the things is pure happiness. Knowledge, originating out of deepest deepness of happiness. What experience can be more beautiful, more impressive? Fortune, Happiness out of the deepest depth of knowledge. If the so called recognizing of how the world functions, means the alleged knowledge of the relationships inbetween the world, meets for the first time on this idea, which would lead it to absurdity, it reacts, logically, with complete denial, rejection, ridicule. This thought seems to absurd to the Systemthinking, the egothinking, to regard him even closer. For this, willingness is necessary. I have to actually be willing to go beyond the limits. Sometimes such an urge will arise when one is confronted in real life with painful unchangeable things. This can be the death of a loved one, can be a serious illness, every serious, irretrievable loss within the understanding of the world system. Suddenly you can see the chaos, see the solution. Equally the tedious way is a possibility. A life in meditation will also lead to a result. But isn’t that cumbersome? The knowledge of the knowledge is still right here. With you. You’re the one. Do not separate yourself with your alleged mind, that wants you to believe that creation could be explained with the knowledge of the system. Do they want to ridicule, about what is the source? All they really do is to make themself suffer. Their knowledge, that knowledge of the world as they reflect it in their madness, makes them laugh. Yes. But it is a sardonic laugh. The laughter of the only in our illusion existing evil. Thats the contract with the omniscient ego, that dominates the world. This proves that God does not exist, the creation is ultimately inexplicable. The mind of man has humiliated the creation to a mere ideal, that will never be achieved. This, the fact that he this ideal, due to his guilt, his sins, can never meet, fills him with fear and anxiety, which he drags as ballast by his life. The first cause of this discomfort, which constantly meets people, is the principle of duality. He shares, judges, separates into good and evil, in right and wrong in Valuable and Worthless. Dualism, which causes a chain reaction, fragments life. So the situation appears, that humans separate themselfes in their view of creation, yes, they presume, to rule over this creation of imagination. The knowledge, that overwhelmes this way of separating, the knowledge that can be seen from a superposition, realizes the truth, the madness of people. But no repugnance, the sight rather evokes a deep, encompassing compassion.

How could one not want to lead a blind person, how couldnt you be prepared to help, in the love of Creation? This is the knowledge that educated, worldly knowledge does not negate, but transforms it. From the wall, it turns to the bridge over itself, toward the omnipotent knowledge of unified universe of universes where no delusions of dualism could ever exist. Knowledge is abstract. Who thinks that the way to an understanding, which is above the worldly knowledge, would be the knowledge of high-technology civilizations, is misguided. For the enlightened knowledge is much closer to the primitive, naive things, than to the western scientists. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. This means nothing else than that one has to live the spirit, to overcome the world’s knowledge, to find redemption, with a greater spirit of knowledge, the knowledge of love. Even this „Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.“ is a one again and again completely misinterpreted wisdom of the Prophet Jesus. It is thus quite be seen that here the famous saying Einstein “I know that I know nothing”, is at the beginning of understanding. Because this is not the end, as it was seen by the scientist. We pass this to creation and receive an ocean of light.


Outside each vote there is now.

The “now” – the absolute moment in which there is nor future neither past – , is the goal – no time, no shape, no memory. This “now” will rise up in you, gradually, like a candle flame is changing, to the heat of fire. This now that envelops you in happiness and perfect innocence, is what you will never achieve with what the Egoknowledge shows you. But you know it, you’ll recognize it. It opens up maybe if you internalize the microcosm of a flower, if you are present at the birth of your child. But those brief moments are over quickly, the ugliness of Egopowered life, makes them forget. Yet the possibility of this viewing angle is always in you.

Visualise: The „Now“ in which at the end are located any fragments of an imaginary past, of a future projected from the past, therefore however is free of death, decay, fear, guilt and grief, greed and sorrow, free from any pain – because these are all just illusions of the past. In Now these past does not exist. Only what is loving, can be detected. Have you engaged in the love, the peace, it will capture you, it will carry you. The only requirement is that you want this love. It’s that simple. It will come to you. You dont need to suffer and do not exert yourself. If your will, is the will of creation, it will not leave you alone, as it has ever forget none of its children. Even those who deny arrogantly and contemptuously, their egos satisfied by the alleged power, inflated, which turn away from it, are offered the omnipotence of universeembracing love. However, blindly in their blind greed, system-oriented, they are unable to recognize it. So they continue in their work of destruction, until they, see, briefly capable at the moment of the dissolution of their shape, with their real self. Then, for a short moment they are to recognize the overwhelming love that underlies all life. Here for them seems to be the beginning and the end. The reality is eternity. Death does not exist. It is illusion. Behind what we suspect where we talk about death, shines the everlasting sun of eternal life. And death, as used by the ego, is simply an ineffective threat. It is as if before men a red flag would pivoted, they, as a flock of cattle, closed turn the pen. Could they but wake up only to their true nature, see the paradise, waiting for them behind the red flag of secular knowledge in the spaceless and timeless eternity that we really are. Awake from this sorryfull dream of power over creation! Detect its love in you.

Never, something is lost. Now. Yes, this is now alive yet. It can be found beyond thought.

And yet it is so close that we usually do not recognize. It hides in the flapping wings of hummingbirds exactly as in the destruction of billions of acres rainforest. It might exist if a Zen monk asks his students to clap with one hand, when a Buddha in order to maintain a deeply meaningful speech, holds a lotus flower over his head.

“I am only the hole in a flute, through which the breath of God flows.”

This wisdom, this devotion to the wonderful will of love, may be a beginning of knowledge. Be like the beginning of a celestial melody, full of clarity, pure and innocent. This melody, the promise of love, will accompany us forever. And your brothers will hear the sound and they will start to remove the cloths front of their faces one of after the other. And the light of truth, which vibrates in the tune will brighten their sad souls, even if they do not want to admit it.

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